Thursday, May 9, 2013


I don't like to wait.  Which is why I try meditating every day. And just being at the right now that it currently is.

But sometimes I forget.

Right at this very moment, I am waiting for my phone to ring.  I have a 10:00 a.m. phone appointment to discuss a work-related thing about which I am very excited.  I am so excited, in fact, that I emailed my future caller to say that he could call me anytime as I am right by the phone!  That was probably a bit over the top, but nonetheless...

I am also waiting to hear back about a grant we applied for for my program.  This grant will change a lot about the face of my program and I am very anxious to hear back and know what's going to happen.

I am waiting for tomorrow too.  Tomorrow, after work, Tad and I will drive to Galena, Illinois to celebrate our ninth anniversary (which, incidentally isn't until May 21st..but our babysitters -- Tad's parents -- happen to be available this weekend).  So I am waiting for the moment Tad and I hop aboard our minivan, stop for coffee and head south.

Waiting is hard for me.  I am a very high speed individual.  I multi task.  I do things fast.  Yesterday, I said "I just need twenty minutes, before this meeting starts, to finish this mailing!"  And I had it done in ten.  I usually read the last chapter of a book before I start it or somewhere in the middle. So I don't have to wait.  To find out what the ending will be.  Tad calls me (among other names) "Hasty McGee". 

Sometimes I wish I could do that with my own life. BUT.  If I had peeked at the end of my twenties, when I was twenty oneish and freaking out about what that ending would be like, I would have been extremely satisfied.  So I guess I should take the lesson from 21 year old Alie and tell 37 year old Alie to shut up and stop trying to read the ending. 

It keeps on coming.  Phone call.  Grant.  Weekend.  Age 50.  All of it.  That's the wonderful thing about remembering to live in the moment.  Now. Now. Now.  The rest of it is on its way.

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