Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meanwhile, back in Milwaukee...


 So Coen's at Camp Matawa with the entire lower elementary of Highland Community School and it appears he's having a lovely time.  Here he is on the bus with two of his dearest and on the Gaga Ball court.  Gaga Ball is a version of dodge ball, taught to the children by the illustrious Mr. Barry--enrichment coordinator extraordinaire. 

Since Tad's on the camping trip as a teacher and school staff, I'm not getting a lot of news of my elder child, but his teacher Ms. Chimere sent me the bus photo and the Gaga ball picture just came through from Tad.  Today they are canooing and doing archery.  I know they also have nightly campfires and sing alongs too if Mr. Barry has anything to do with it.  I hope they are all having a wonderful time, but I do miss my boys!

Meanwhile, back in Milwaukee, Lucy and I had a girls night with her friend Siri and my friend Natalie.  Here's Siri's picnic umbrella that she set up for yesterday's dinner. 

It is an interesting thing: going from two children and a spouse to just one child.  It certainly makes for quicker flowing bedtimes and wakeups.  Lucy was bathed and tucked into bed in a 1/2 hour last night and I was downstairs promptly at 7:30 for tea and chatting with a friend. And this morning, we were even able to go grocery shopping BEFORE school! 

It is a funny thing, how much simpler it is with one less child, but nonetheless, I am very excited to see that bus return to Milwaukee tomorrow afternoon and have my whole family back again.

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