Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Us, unplugged.

Last night I came home after a meeting and my hula hoop class, and saw Tad in the window doing the dishes. 

I saw him look out at me so I put my stuff down and started hooping for him in the back yard. 

After I came in, he clapped and then pointed out how dark the clouds were.

Later that night, Tad had the Brewers game on TV, music playing as background music.  I opened up my laptop to check email and then went in the kitchen to put away the drying dinner dishes.  Suddenly the lights flickered once, twice and then went out completely.

"Mama!" Coen called.

I felt my way in the dark to his room
"It's okay." I said to him.
"Oh, I'm not scared." Coen said. "Just surprised! Were you surprised? Where were you when it happened?"
Tad came up with a candle burning and we brought Coen downstairs with us to snuggle on the couch awhile.  We listened to the Brewers on the transistor radio by candlelight and watched some of the neighbors outside with flashlights.

After Coen was tucked back in with a flashlight, I joined Tad who was reading a book next to the candle. I got my book out too. And we read, in the darkness, Bob Uecker in the background, announcing the Brewer game.

Coen talked about it as we biked to school this morning, telling Lucy (who'd slept through it) all about the excitement of being without electricity.  I'm glad it didn't last long enough for the refrigerator to get warm, but it was a fun adventure.

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