Monday, May 13, 2013

Tad and I might not be cut out for the upscale life...

Tad and I had a wonderful anniversary weekend in Galena Illinois, celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary.  We booked a "romance package" at a spa/resort hotel.

We pulled up next to a big Lexus SUV and a couple approached it as we left our minivan.  The woman appeared to be assessing the space between our cars. 
"Are we too close? "Tad asked politely.
"No. No." the woman said. "I'll just have him pull up."
"Well, we can move!" Tad said.
"Oh it's just I broke my foot, so I need more space. But it's fine. He can move up."
"I'm happy to move."
"No, he'll pull up. Under normal circumstances, I would be fine."
Tad replied, "Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be here!"
Everybody laughed.

When we entered the lobby, we saw all kinds of golfer guys. I stared, mouth agape. I didn't realize that golfers actually looked like that! I thought they just looked like that in the movies! Tad said, in a Rodney Dangerfield voice, "Huh! This place is posh!" 

A bottle of nonalcholic bubbly and a plate of chocolates awaited us in our room. We sat together and continued the conversation we'd been having on the three hour ride there and slept a full nine hours without interruption.  BLISS!

Saturday morning was our spa morning!  We went down to the spa and filled out paperwork four our couples massage.  Under What would you like to get out of this massage experience? Tad wrote "Immortality"  The woman behind the counter laughed at that one. 
They sent us into the locker room to change and we were to meet in the relaxation room.  After I changed, I was just lurking in the hall in my bathrobe until a staff member found me and led me by my elbow to the relatxation room. Once in there, I noticed a jug of water with strawberries and cucumbers.  Since I was in the back, I didn't notice that there was a spigot in the front from which to despense the water. I looked around me and seeing no one, I opened the lid and scooped my water out of the top.  After five minutes, I heard the same woman in the hallway escourting Tad to the room as well. He was also standing, confused, in the hallway wondering where to go. Once he joined me I realized about the spigots and told him what I did to get the water out.
"Classy." He said.
I was worried that during the experience of getting a massage together in the same room would lead e to be obnoxious and want to giggle. But it turned out that it was just like getting a massage alone. It was only after the massage therapists left the room that I looked up at Tad and laughed about the fact that we were both there.

I stared at a lot more sterotypical golfers over the weekend and upset a few more upscale people with my silliness but we had a tremendously lovely time connecting, sleeping in, eating and walking around together. 

I know nine years isn't a long time, but it sure was worth celebrating.

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  1. I am always so ridiculously awkward in those moments. Dean can totally pull off the 'golfer look'. The golfers wife, I am not!!!