Friday, December 9, 2011

Happiness is...

There's a theme that's always been in my life: happiness.  And it's a recurring theme that still is there.  I just want to be happy--that's my goal in life--no matter what else going on.
So my therapist talks a lot about me making choices about how I choose to view things.  That "I can't help the way I feel" isn't necessarily a true sentiment.  I could be faced with a morning in which my children are taking WAY too long to put their coats and shoes on, any given morning.  I can 1. be patient, cool, direct and kind while insisting they do this or 2. Lose my cool. Get pissed.  Either way I handle it, their shoes will eventually get on  and we will get in the car to go.  If I choose option 1, we all feel good, getting to our destinations...happy!  In option 2, the kids are usually over it by the time we get to school, but I go to work...unhappy.

So anyway, I am at this sex ed conference and yesterday I went to a session on sex and happiness.  The presenter said this: "Happiness does not come from what happens to you. Happiness comes from the story you tell yourself."  I love this. She went on and talked about how we can choose our own stories we tell.  For instance, I thought my hotel had a pool and when I got here I found out there was no pool. No hot tub. I could have sulked and said, oh my nights are ruined and why isn't there a pool and now what am I going to do (I admit, I did complain a bit when I called Tad).  But I could then change my story. So I did. I said, well now I can run on the treadmill in the work out room and order takeout and watch a movie (which I'm doing tonight) and call some friends and catch up.  (Which I have also done).  Same situation, different story. Happier ending.

It seems so often we think: "I'd just be happy if.." or "I'll be happy when.."  But we can be happy NOW. 
So to conclude, I give you my own top ten lists of Happiness is....  You can make one too!  It's fun!!!

Happiness is...
10. An ice cream sundae
9. A new box of crayons
8. A hot tub outside in the nighttime
7. A finished sewing project
6. A good song
5. Getting a letter in the mail
4. Cuddling a sleeping child
3. The way my children laugh when they're tickled
2. A first kiss
1. Falling asleep next to Tad.

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