Sunday, December 18, 2011

It was a tough week.  I got back from my trip to NJ, Lucy was sick and while I was there I got some bad news. A really good friend of mine, Harald, who has just been doing chemotherapy and radiation for the past six weeks to treat a brain tumor, has found out that the tumor is still growing.  My week was spent trying to figure out ways to go see him in northern New York, and trying to get my daughter to take her antibiotics.

But we did a lot this weekend and there was certainly something good about every day.

Friday, the kids had their Winter Celebration at school.  Here is Lucy's class finishing up "Jingle Bells"

There is Lucy on the floor in the middle.  I can't believe she made it through the night, which started at 6:30, 1/2 hour before bedtime! 
Coen's class sang "Would you like to swing on a star" and he was so excited to tell me about a surprise they had for the audience.  Each child sewed their own yellow star-shaped pillow which they held up at the end.
Saturday morning, Coen wanted to sew again!  I let him pick out some fabric and I thread him a needle and he made a little bag with a handle and everything.  Look at him go!

My parents and sister and her family came over in the late morning and we all decorated cookies together.  Here is my favorite. My sister made it. It's called "puke".  A true work of art.

On Sunday we went to my Aunt Karen's house to see my cousins Mark and Scott who were in town visiting and all their kids.  We looked at some old photos and I found this one of my grandmother, Helen.

Look at her! Doesn't she look like a bad ass?!! 

I had a tough Friday morning.  And  rather tough finish with getting the kids wrangled into bed after such a busy weekend...  but the whole middle of it was very nice. And I got a lot of amusing texts from Harald about his roommate in the hospital.  Apparently he coughs constantly and follows it every time with a resounding "OH BOY!"  Harald said he was about to unplug his oxygen.  I'll write tomorrow's blog post about him. 

I hope you all had a good weekend. 

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