Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve everyone.   My kids are cozily tucked on to the couch, watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  We will be heading over to my parents' house this later morning to eat Zafiro's pizza and open presents, later going to my cousin's house to end the evening. 

Last night as we wrapped up a few extra presents, and I watched the end of a PBS holiday documentary, Tad said, "When this ends, turn to to the History Channel.  They'll probably have some holiday-themed God-Versus-Your-Brain special on."

When Tad put Lucy to bed, she insisted that her lullaby, instead of a regular song sung by her daddy, should be Tad singing along to her electronic "Silent Night" story book.  The book is about two years old so the battery is dying.  Tad had to sing a stilted version of Silent Night to the tune of a flat-sounding dying battery.  Lucy was very happy with that.

Coen had trouble sleeping what with all his excitement, so I went upstairs and lay down with him for a few minutes. I told him the story of when he was about two years old and his Papa (my dad) dressed up as Santa Claus for a party.  Coen sat on his lap and looked at him inquisitively for a moment. Then he said, "Hello Santa. Is your name Papa?"

Everyone finally did fall asleep in my house and today we are all excited to begin the festivities. Happy happy happy one everyone.   

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