Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yay for temporary happiness!!! And permanent.

Today has been lovely.  Full of the stuff of both temporary and permanent happiness.  I shall document this for you now.

Lucy climbed into bed and cuddled up with us this morning

We had buttermilk pancakes with real maple syrup for the kids and homemade strawberry jam (made by Lucy's teacher)

The morning was spent indoors together, playing with all our new toys (temporary) and at one point the four of us sitting on the kitchen floor singing "who put the bop in the bopshubopshubop" (permanent)

We got to drop the kids off at a friends' house so we could have a lunch date
The lunch date included:
Using the money my mom gave me for Christmas to buy clothes at Re-Threads
After this excursion, I got in the car and yelled "Hooray for temporary happiness!!!" (which is what gave me the idea for today's blog)
Eating an Indian lunch buffet at Maharaja (delicious temporary happiness) and having a really good talk with Tad
And going for a nice, long walk.
temporary happiness with permanent effects.

Then we picked up the kids and went to Best Buy where we looked at TVs (We are considering leaving the stone age and buying an actual flat screen which would of course be temporary happiness but spread out over time.  We were there for seventy minutes and left with nothing but some good research under our belts which will arm us with what we need to make the eventual purchase. Our kids were INCREDIBLY well behaved and patient during this time. I was proud of them. And happy.

We ate dinner at home and listened to the Beatles and let the kids stay up late and enjoyed each other's company

I suppose all days are full of temporary and permanent happinesses.  I appreciate both. And feel good that I can (usually) tell the difference.

A very permanently happy evening to you all.

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