Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sometimes you just have to be a little fun.

So I was gone for four days and then Lucy was sick and now BOY AM I PAYING FOR IT!  Lucy is testing me like crazy. 

Last night when I put her to bed, I said WAY more than once, "Well, Lucy, I am not going to (fill in the blank) unless you ask in a nice way." or "Lucy, I do not like it when you scream at me."  Yeah, I had to take a LOT of deep, calming breaths.  I did get her to bed though and nobody did anything they regretted. 

This morning it was more of the same.  I got out of the shower and little pajama'd Lucy was sitting outside the door.
"Well, hello, honey!" I said to her sweetly. 
"DON'T call HONEY!" she yelled at me in a crabby, scratchy, first-words-uttered voice.  "I am your ANGEL!" 
(Angel, my FOOT, I wanted to say.)  But I said, "Oh my goodness, please don't yell. Let's go upstairs and we'll get dressed together."  I brought my clothes and she was exceedingly patience testing and really, when it comes down to it, rather rude. Coen got up and, sensing the mood, immediately started antagonizing her with faces and putting his legs in her way as she came through the hall.  Lucy, then, directed her screaming at him.
I came downstairs,  frustrated and began to get the coffee brewed.  Lucy followed me in and clutched my leg. "I want ANOTHER SHIRT ON!!!"  She yelled. 
"Please ask nicely and I'll see if I can help you." 
"I want another shirt on PLEASE!!!" She shouted.  (Well, at least she used 'please')
Eventually I got her another shirt and when we were back in the kitchen, Tad managed to get her distracted and away from me as he was getting ready to leave. 
"Just remember you've been gone." he said, putting his hand gently on my shoulder. "And she was sick.  She's just trying to find out if you can handle her." 
"Well I can't."
"Yes you can.  Just be fun.  That's how I became the Berenstain Bear dad. I was all demanding and no fun."  He kissed us all goodbye and headed out.  I took deep breaths in the kitchen and tried to center myself.  I heard Coen and Lucy on the couch bickering about who was on who's cushion. 
I walked in and placed their breakfasts on the table.
"Hey you guys!" I said enthusiastically. "I'm going to tell you guys a story about me and Auntie Bethie when we were little while we eat!!!" 
That's all it took. They both jumped off the couch excited and looked at each other with glee.  Taking their seats at the table, they looked at me expectantly, smiles on their faces.

The rest of the morning followed...

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