Friday, December 30, 2011

A special night

Tonight was mine and Coen's and Lucy's second annual gingerbread house making night.

It was Tad's (probably) twentieth annual Techmo Bowl night.  What's Techmo Bowl night you might ask?  Well Super Techmo Bowl is a football video game on the Original Nintendo.  Tad and his friends got together over Christmas break during high school and had Techmo Tournaments, playing super-bowl style to the 1st place.  When I lived in the upper level of a duplex where Tad inhabited the lower level with friends, I spent many a post 2:00 a.m. hour watching them play Super Techmo Bowl while Bob Dylan played in the background.  My favorite things about the game are as follows:
1. The graphics
2. The cheerleaders (I swear you can see their digital underwear
3. The referee who says something in the beginning of each game that sounds vaguely like "schmack off".

Today, Tad and his friends, many of whom have children and spouses, get together over Christmas break and play this game until the wee hours of the morning.  I know that for Tad it is one of his most favorite nights of the year.  This year, he was having trouble as two of the guys couldn't actually get there until 10:00 p.m. and two weren't even coming.  

"I'm really sorry about your special night."  I said.
Tad looked at me.  Gave me a funny smile.  "You CAN'T refer to a night where a  bunch of guys drink and play video games a 'special night'" He said.
I laughed, point taken.

He's there now and I hope he is have a marvelous time.  I'm waiting for my friend Jen to get here and eat treats with me and talk.

And for the second year in a row Coen and Lucy and I decorated a gingerbread house together, listening to "Children's Holiday" station on Pandora.  I let them taste all the decorations they want and usually pull out the old Halloween candy for them to use. (Then I FINALLY get rid of the last of it).

We had a very special evening and I just know Tad is too.

Here they are in the decorating process

And finished! Lucy wants to eat it...

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