Monday, January 9, 2012

Badger Blog

I am not really a football fan.  Okay, I'm not at ALL a football fan.  Honestly, I think it takes up WAY too many days of the week.  Isn't all day Sunday enough?  Suddenly winter comes and football runs the weekend.  What is the deal?  And then it's playoffs and now football gets Sunday and Saturday?  Also the occasional Thursday night. Then college football too? COME on!

Saturday night I went to celebrate the birthday of one of my dearest friends.  My sister and I and two of our girlfriends went to Chicago.  Our old roommate met us too.  It was a wonderful reunion.  We danced to Madonna and Janet Jackson and Pink and Prince and Lady Gaga and Rick Springfield too (which is wierd.)
My sister and our friend Laura dissapeared from our bar for a while though.  58 minutes to be exact. (I set the stopwatch on my phone).  Know where they went? TO A SPORTS BAR TO WATCH FOOBALL!!! Jocks.  Don't worry though, they came back and we had a lovely time. 

In honor of football, even though I don't like it, I have attached two Badger-related photos.  The first: I made my mother-in-law, Mary, a Badger shirt for Christmas.  Look how cute it looks on her!  I'm proud.

The second? Well, we watched the Rose Bowl at my sister's house and their TV is really big and I was having a great time taking pictures of myself "with" the players and coaches on the screen.  Here's my favorite.  Me and Bielema having a little conference.  Know what I'm saying? "Hey, Bielema, you guys are doing fine.  It's okay if you lose, know why?  Because its just a F$%*ing GAME!!!!

Oh, football.

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