Monday, January 2, 2012

My polar opposites

My children are sooooo different.  It is sometimes almost laughable.

In the morning, Coen just puts on whatever clothing has been set out for him. If he chooses his own, its the same shirt for as many days as his dad would let him wear it.  Lucy is extremely particular about what she wears. If I want her to wear something, she's definitely NOT going to wear it.  In fact, yesterday, I found a pair of pants I wanted her to wear and said. "Hmm...well, you shouldn't wear these today!" Guess which pants she wore.

At mealtime, Coen tastes whatever is one his plate.  He eats things like spinach with balsamic vinaigrette, sushi, lentil soup, etc...  If I so much as put a carrot or a piece of broccoli on Lucy's plate, she waves her hand in front of her face in disgusted fashion and removes it from her plate instantly. The only way I can get her to eat any fruit or vegetable is if it is in smoothie or sauce form, very cleverly disguised. 

When we have guests, Coen is immediately interested in talking to them, to even a first time visitor, he will launch into a dissertation on his life and times without hesitation.  Lucy hides behind me, sometimes holding my hand for up to 60 minutes into the time that the stranger is in our house.  Once comfortable however, Coen will settle into some kind of independent play, writing down meticulously each of his Pokemon card names onto sheets and sheets of paper. Lucy will let loose, hamming it up by doing crazy dances or performances, making everyone laugh.

At night, Coen goes to bed after much talking and discussing and asking us "What should I think about?" He usually calls downstairs several times before finally settling down with concerns about the following day or claims that he can't sleep or he's "thinking about something he doesn't want to think about."  Lucy on the other hand, goes to bed immediately with her stories and lullaby.  She likes to give me a kiss on each cheek, my nose and forehead followed by a huge hug. Most nights, that's the last we hear from her until the morning.

When dawn does come, Coen has to be dragged out of bed, turning his light back off and crawling back under his covers several times before he slowly and grudgingly puts his clothes on (whatever we picked out).  Lucy pops up with a smile on her face and quickly jumps out of bed, ready to get dressed (after much deliberation of course)

Both my children are wonderful, beautiful, kind, funny and loving souls.  I love the way they cuddle in together in moments of peace, and even the differing ways they express anger (Coen with tears, Lucy with a shriek that would hurt the strongest of ears and often a few things thrown).  I also love the way they are different. 

I better go, right now both my very different children are looking at me and claiming boredom!

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