Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things Tad says...

Recently, Coen was asking me questions about fallout. Kids at school were playing War on the playground and talking about fallout. I started to try and explain. Tad interrupted.
"I'll handle the Cold War questions."

I know I have blogged, talked, facebook'ed, and babbled on about how lucky feel to have the partner that I have...  I can't help it.

The thing that is so great to me about being in love with Tad is that I'm also friends with him.  And so the things he says to me can run such a gamut of romantic and sweet to sarcastic and wry...that I'm always interested.

For instance...last night when we were talking about love and our relationship, he came into the bedroom with his toothbrush in his hand.  "Do you know what's wrong with most other people?" He said.
I looked at him...
"They're not you."

Then this morning, it was quite a different scene.  I woke up (as I sometimes do) very unready for the world. I was clumsy and tired and moving with the grace of an ox around the kitchen.  I put waffles in the toaster.  Tad stifled a laugh.
"What!" I demanded
He mimicked the force with which I put the waffles down.  I made my frustrated noise.
My frustrated noise is really annoying.  I can't even begin to try and type with letters what it sounds like. I'm very proud of my frustrated noise.
He laughed.  Then I was in his way when he was tyring to get his breakfast going; I was looking for Tupperware.  Twenty assorted pieces of Tupperware crashed out of the cupboard. (Mostly because I had put them in quickly and haphazardly the day before and then slammed the door shut so they wouldn't fall out.  I do that.)
A few moments later, I accidentally bumped into him with two cups of orange juice in my hand.  Juice sloshed to the floor.
"I feel like I'm in the kitchen with Kramer." He said.

See how different?

It's quite a spread. I love that.  Here's one of my favorite quotes from Tad. He said this when I was mad at him for not being sensitive enough about something or other.
Me: (*frustrated noise*) Why are you being such a DUDE!
Tad: Well, sorry I'm not Ralph Macchio!

He's not. Ralph Macchio.  And I'm not Kramer.  We're Tad and Alie and we are in turns harsh, sarcastic, loving, sensitive, romantic, and lots of the time...funny. 

On January 15th, I'll be in Argyle New York visiting Harald.  That is a day that Tad and I usually celebrate with a picnic outside.  Yep, in January.  It marks the date that he and I followed an old Estonian legend and walked around Kaali Jarv (Crater Lake)  The legend is that if two lovers walk around whole lake holding hands and never letting go, they will stay together forever into eternity.  Tad and I made that walk around Kaali when he visited me in Estonia.  The day we did it, I misread the bus schedule and we were stranded in a tiny town on Saaremaa in 20 degree weather.  There was one little store open so Tad and I bought food and drink for a picnic and we ate outside. The bus came four hours later...eleven years ago.

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