Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I do love New Year's Eve.  Back when Tad and I first had Coen, and tried the going out thing...we realized that it's way more fun to stay in.  So at our house, we celebrate with an afternoon snack of baked brie, a cheese and cracker plate, fruit and bubbly juice (kid soda).  We all get dressed up--Coen and Tad wore ties. Lucy wanted to be "Baby New Year's older brother" and I put on an antique dress that I love.

We toast all the things that we loved most about the year past.  Our family decided on:
1. That Tad, Coen and Lucy ALL go to Highland Community School every day
2. That Tad became a Montessori teacher this year
3. That Lucy started school this year AND stopped using diapers
4. That Coen was in his first play this year and discovered the Beatles
5. That Alie has made some really great changes in her life.

Then the kids get to eat their absolute favorite dinner--Kid Cuisine.  These are like TV dinners for kids.  We ring in the British New Year at 6:30 (creative licence) and blow horns and yell out the front door.

After the children go to bed, Tad moves the table into the living room where the Christmas lights make things look pretty and we light candles and have a date in our own house. 

I made Indian food.

And then Tad and I stay up late and re-read two letters we wrote each other when we were falling in love (when I lived in Estonia and he in Madison).  And then every year we make lists of our top five albums (desert island music) and the five songs of the year and defining moments with each member of our family and compare them against years past. 

And this year, we were a little grumpy, all of us...Tad had stayed up until 4:00 am with friends; I was dealing with hormones, the kids stayed up way too late the night before...but at one point, when I was starting to get frustrated and almost suggested we wait for tomorrow to celebrate, Tad grabbed me and said in my ear--"It doesn't have to be perfect. It's still our New Year."

And it was.

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