Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tattoo Time.

I went out and got a tattoo the moment I turned eighteen.  This sun was my first and it was a picture I drew myself over and over again while sitting in classes. I chose the sun because I have always had a rather "sunny disposition" causing people to call me things like "Sunshine girl" and in Estonia "Vaike Paike" which means "little sun" Then I got the armband. The armband has two X's in it to symbolize how straight edge I was.  You can read about the straight edge movement here.  I'm really not (nor was I ever) that punk rock so I decided now that I'm in my thirties, I wanted my tattoo feminized a bit.  I went to several artists who gave me ideas like flowers and fairies and I didn't really mean that.  But then my son's art teacher Jesse began working at Mania Ink Tattoo and Gallery and I was very excited to have him work on my body art.  Below are pictures of the process and the tattoo.  I am happy! Also, I did promise my mother that I wouldn't get any more tattoos but as I pointed out, this was actually getting one less tattoo as I had two combined into one. Does this mean I can get another one? Mom?  
Prior to new tattooing

Post new tattooing

Here is me getting tattooed.  I feel really bad ass.

Another action shot.

And we're done! That's Jesse. My tattoo artist (also my son's art teacher--how cool is that?)

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