Sunday, October 14, 2012

24 hours off the clock

Tad's parents generously took Coen and Lucy overnight last night.  Tad and I had a three-meal spanning date that lasted a bit over twenty-four hours.  We milked that date night for all it was worth.  We did fifteen things (well, probably more things but, 15 that I'm counting) to fill our time alone together.
1. Thrift shopping at a south side resale shop
2. Lunch buffet at Maharaja
3. Coffee at Anodyne and a walk in the rain
4. Stop at the east side hardware store for conversation with the chatty hippies who work there and purchase of new ice cube trays and light bulbs for our bedroom lamp
5.  Excellent conversation about things we've been wanting to talk about with our child or work interruptions for ages while we drove
6. Swimming and hot tub time at the hotel pool while continuing our earlier conversation
7. Walk in downtown Cedarburg to look for a restaurant
8. Purchase of lots of gourmet chocolate at Cedarburg candy store
9. Decision that we didn't actually want to sit at a restaurant and subsequent stop at Sendiks and Water Street Brewery in Grafton for dinner items.
10. Stop at Goodwill to do more thrifting while we waited for our carry-out to be ready.
11. Dinner and a movie on the couch (We both saw the English Patient for the first time)
12. Ten straight hours of sleep
13. Brunch with good food and a Virgin (Bloody) Mary
14. Stop for fancy coffee drinks on the way home.
15. Time to settle in and unpack our stuff before the kids got home

It was heavenly. I feel physically and mentally better than I have in a long time. 

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