Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dental Solutions

I presented at a youth in transition conference on Monday by the airport and went for a walk before it. I came across this sign:

What stood out for me was the business called Dental Solutions.

I mean, obviously it's a dentist's office.  But I kept thinking about how funny it would be if it was a business that provided Dental Solutions to any problem at all.

Here at Dental Solutions, we provide solutions to all of your problems.  Each and every problem has a solution and all of those solutions are dental. Oral Health can pave your way to a brighter future.

Dental Solutions? Hi.  I just looked at our stocks and bonds and they're all losing value. Should I pull them out? HOW should I invest my money so it's safe in this economy?
Dental Solutions is here for you.  What we suggest is that you go straight to the bathroom and brush your teeth. Brush them long enough that you can sing 'Happy Birthday' two times at least.  The answers will come to you.

Hi Dental Solutions. I need your help!  We are having some household problems. Can you reccommend a good contractor?  
Dental solutions will tell you what to do.  Go into the bathroom, open the medicine cabinet. And floss. Floss like your life depends upon it.  Then go to Angie's List and find yourself someone. Those walls won't paint themselves!

Hello? Dental Solutions?  My husband is having an affair.  We have three children. I just don't know what to do.
Oh, this is a most serious problem indeed, but we, at Dental Solutions, can help you.  Come right in and we'll give you a root canal and pull out your molars.  With the pain you'll be feeling in your mouth, you'll forget all about your heartbreak.  DENTAL SOLUTIONS!

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