Friday, October 5, 2012

My triumphant return to myself.

#27797 Clip Art Graphic Of A Tornado Mascot Character Holding A Megaphone by toons4biz

I am sorry, but if a tornado holding a megaphone doesn't embody everything that is Alie Kriofske Mainella, I dont' know what does!


I had a cold on Tuesday and Wednesday and yesterday, making me slow and lethargic, stuffy and sad.  I spent Tuesday trying to fight it off, but knowing it was coming.  I spent Wednesday feeling like complete and total ASS.  I spent Thursday coughing and blowing my nose, but starting to come out of the haze.  Thursday, yesterday, even though I was feeling better, I felt like still had bad energy.  I went my Nia class and tried to push away my negativity but I could feel it seeping out of me. I knew it was there because I found myself looking around the class, thinking that everyone was thinking negative thoughts about me.  Like I didn't belong there.  I knew it was there because I spaced out and went to the fourth floor and when I came down laughing about it, I was annoyed that the woman behind me didn't laugh too.  I knew it was there because I swear that beautiful woman who dances like a ballerina was looking at me like I was an impostor... But that's the thing about negative energy. We THINK it's coming from other people but sometimes it's actually coming from us and bouncing around back.


Last night I, in the interest of returning myself to myself, I let Coen stay up and read until 9:30 and I painted.  And today I woke up feeling light and happy and much more like Alie.

Tad noticed too.

After I came out of the shower and went to make sure Tad was getting up, he said, from under the covers, "Don't worry. I'm up. I'm pretty sure you woke the whole neighborhood up, just exiting the bathroom."

In the kitchen, as he spun around to avoid crashing into me and ducked when I dropped something as it clattered to the floor, trying to put away dishes like a whirlwind, he said, "I just have to get used to you again. You've been out of commission for three days.  I am out of practice dealing with a tornado following me around in the house."

I laughed as I kissed him goodbye.  "See you at school when I drop the kids off." I said.

Tad smiled, "I'll probably just feel your energy when you come in the building."

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