Monday, October 15, 2012

I am declaring electronic independence.

In 2006, when I received my Master's Degree, Tad's parents and mine pooled together and gave me a laptop as a graduation gift.  Over the years, Tad began to take over that laptop with music and photos and school work.  Suddenly, it was no longer mine and it was filled to the brim with information.  Last Christmas, Tad bought me a new/used laptop from his dad and it was mine...all mine.

I told Tad that he was not to touch my laptop. I wanted none of the thousands of photos that Coen takes (Tad calls these photos "Coen's art". I call them "Coen, playing with the camera").  I wanted none of Tad's photos (he's a much less harsh editor than I and his phone is usually filled to capacity with photos of our children in a matter of months).  I wanted none of his music, only my own.  I spent hours editing down my photos to a manageable amount, and hand selecting each song I wanted in my itunes library.  My computer. Mine.

Last night, Tad was having iphone issues and trying to update his phone.  Because his laptop is full to capacity, it can no longer update to a new operating system which makes it impossible to update his phone.  After some trying last night, Tad was asked to restore the original settings, which of course, deletes all your photos, music and other things you have on it. 

"Well." Tad said, "I put all my photos on your computer a couple weeks ago, so I'll only lose a few."
"WHAT?!! No! That's MY computer!" I ranted. "I got a new computer so you couldn't put all your crap on it!" 
Tad looked amused. "I'm sorry." He said. "I needed to put them somewhere."
"I demand electronic independence!" I yelled, marching around the house!  "I will share my house with you. I will share my thoughts with you. I will share my life with you! But I do NOT want to share a computer with you!!!"

Tad has given me my word he will not do it again. And he has an appointment at the Apple store after work today.  Sheesh. In honor of that argument, I created a little picture for your amusement, below:

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