Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hooping it up

Last night my friend Natalie and I started a hula hoop exercise class.  We both sweat like crazy, have reports of soreness today, but had a lot of fun.

The class had a variety of levels of hoopsters. There were the women who looked like the cool hippies you see at summer concerts, hooping whilst dancing, twirling, talking, and having no problem keeping it going.  There were women who laughed as their hoops dropped to the floor for the thousandth time.  And Natalie and I were somewhere in the middle. 

As were our hoops.

I am nursing a NyQuil hangover as I have my second cold in less than a month (what gives?!) and dopily staring at my computer screen, waiting for some Disability Mentoring Day mentors to contact me back.

Happy Wednesday.

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