Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Frickin' Monday.

This morning, after we had all finished breakfast and I was getting our bags all packed up in the kitchen, thinking about what a peaceful Monday we were having, a Lucy storm blew in (which was followed up by a circumstance tornado).

She stood in front of me, barrettes and rubber bands in hand and said, "Will you give me pigtails, Mommy?"
This is not going to end well I thought.
So she took her place in front of my bedroom mirror (which I am now contemplating throwing in the dumpster) and watched while I tried my best to put two pigtails adorned with barrettes in her sparse hair. 
"I can't SEE that one!" She whined, pointed to the one of the left.
"Well, honey." I said, "That's the best I can do. I think you look beautiful."
She stood in front of the mirror and began to ramp up for some sort of a fit.
"Oh no." I said. "I'm not doing this today.  You can take it out or leave it like it is. It's almost time to go."
Meanwhile, Coen started getting upset as we couldn't find his one fitting hoodie and the alternative was way too small for him.
"I can't wear this, Mom." He said. "It's too small."
"Well go find one that fits if you can please." I said.
He found a fleece in his closet. Whew.
But Lucy, marched in the kitchen, her disheveled hair un-pigtail-ed and presented me with her hair things, tears in her eyes.
"I want to be able to SEE the pigtails." She said.
I took a deep breath.
"It is getting late.  Let's go in the car. I'll bring your hair stuff and we'll do your hair at school where there are no mirrors." I pocketed the barrettes and rubber bands.
We got outside and were nearly settled in the car.
"Mom! I forgot my book!"
I let Coen back in the house after complaining that he needs to remember his stuff and we're going to be late and he protested with "I'm SORRY! I KNOW! I didn't even DO anything!"
When he came back out, I pulled the door shut.  Perhaps a little too hard. I didn't slam it....just pulled it and....
The glass shattered all over the place. 
We were, in the end, late for school after all the sweeping that took place. And I was late for work after returning home to tape plastic up.  And I am now eternally grateful to my parents who went over there while I was at work and put plywood up so we can get it fixed tomorrow.

Happy Monday, dang it.

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