Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Plate face.

Today was a marathon of a day.

Last night I came home to a mess of problems.  And I had already been walking around all day with rage coursing through my very veins.  I was thinking about how miserable I was and how stressed I was and then I became aware of my thought process and I had to laugh as I realized what must be happening.  There's a full moon coming and I suddenly think my life is terrible.  That's all the proof I need to know that it is about my time of the month.

But after feeling that way all day yesterday and then coming home to find out 1. The roof (which we just had done last summer) is leaking by the chimney.  2. Our garage door is broken and 3. Lucy dropped some purple Mardi Gras beads down the bathtub drain.  After I called our garage guy and made an appointment for him to come, and dug in the drain with an untwisted coat hanger to no avail, and made tea whilst I complained to Tad.
"It's too much!" I told him.  "too much!"
"I know." He said sympathetically.

So today.

I went to work at 7:00, drank my coffee and did paperwork for 20 consumers.  Then I was home by 9:00 to greet the garage door fixer guy. Then I was at Goodwill on 91st Street by 10:00 to teach a healthy relationships class to adults with developmental disabilities.  It was really fun too--the people in the class were so willing to share and open and honest and I am very much going to enjoy this group.  Then by 11:30 I was at Manpower downtown and taught three sessions in a row to MPS middle school students about learning their disability labels.  Then home again so I could pay the garage door fixer guy.  Then I walked to Highland for parent teacher conferences with both my kids' teachers.  Then home to make popovers to go with our slow cooker ribs.

I sat down on the couch and told Tad I was really tired.  He told me that it looked like I WAS tired. "Your forehead looks like it's holding up your face." He said.
"Oh, that sounds HORRIBLE! I protested. It sounds so unattractive!"
He laughed at me.

Anyway, I took a photo of my first attempt at popovers with one of the ribs.

Lucy said, "Can I see?" So I showed it to her and she said excitedly, "It's a plate face! He's sad!" and laughed hysterically.  She got to work immediately on her plate and showed it to me.

"Look at mine!" She exclaimed, laughing hysterically again. "Daddy! Look He's got worried eyebrows AND a beard!"

Making plate faces was a nice end to a very busy day.  And I'm drinking tea next to Tad, watching Game 1 of the world series, and trying not to look like my forehead is holding up my face.

Plate face.

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