Monday, June 11, 2012

Can your marks, get set, GO!

 My kids always say, when they're racing, "Can your marks. Get set. Go!"  I love that.
This weekend was a race of fun and activity.

Thursday evening, Tad's friend Dave (who he's known since he was in elementary school) came with his 11 year old son, Ethan to stay at our house for the weekend.  It is really fun to imagine Coen 30 years from now, hosting one of his friends and their children at his house. 

Friday was the last day of school at Highland.  We had a carnival.  I painted faces.  There was also a popcorn machine, a bounce house, basketball, a dunk tank, arts and crafts and a hot dog picnic.  A lovely, lovely time. 

Friday night, we went to the Brewer game.  30 of us tailgated and enjoyed the exciting Brewers win against the Padres.  During the tailgate, the children colored my father with sidewalk chalk, as you can see in the picture to the left. 

I like to sing "Never Surrender" by the Cory Hart of 80's music fame when the Brewers Cory Hart goes up to bat.  I did so, the first time I was paying enough attention to see that he was hitting and BAM, a home run.  It was very exciting.

The children were up until 11:00 in the evening and awake again promptly at 6:00 am on Saturday.

We spent that sleepy day on the South Side, at College Park when Tad and David met and went to school together. We played catch in the park and Coen got his first official baseball glove.  We bought Lucy one too. Pink, like mine.

After College Park, and Sports Authority (where we got Coen and Lucy's gloves) we went to Greendale village for coffee and chocolates and some time at the park there.

Dinner was DELICIOUS at Ned's Pizza.  We ate dripping, melting, yummy frozen custard at Leon's in the 90 degree heat, trying to lick our cones faster than they could melt.

 On Sunday, we took Dave and Ethan to the airport where they headed back to Florida.  Back at home, Tad and I sat in the shade of our front porch, listening to the Brewer game on the radio and watching Coen and Lucy run through the sprinkler.   

We ate Ned's leftovers for dinner while the children watched a movie and Tad and I both fell asleep until it was over. 

We were all in bed early and Summer officially starts today.  Coen's at Art Camp.  Lucy's at Highland Summer Program.  I'm at work. And Tad is in the air conditioning of his classroom, writing report cards.
Here we go, summer, here we go!!!

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