Sunday, June 24, 2012

Toe-tally ridiculous.

Tad and I promised Coen a sleepover party this summer and tonight is it.  We took Coen and Lucy, the two boys sleeping over, plus four extra  (our neighbors and a friend of Coen and Lucy's who stayed for dinner) to the park to play.  When we came back here, I rolled out pizza dough so all the kids could make their own personal pizza.  On my way to the kitchen, I slipped in something wet and fell, very oddly, down on the ground.  Not oddly that I fell-I fall all the time-but I fell in a very odd and sprawling way.  My big toe on my left foot hurt something fierce.  It hurt so bad, that I thought I was going to throw up.  This was strange to me because I have a very high pain threshold.  I birthed both my kids drug free.  I can usually shake off the odd finger/toe jam, cut or bruise.  But wow, this hurt.  After the nausea passed, I felt like I was going to pass out.
After I got myself onto the couch, with ice on my toe, I started calling emergency rooms and urgent care centers to see what wait times were like.  The way my foot looked, coupled with the pain, tripled with the fact that my Youth Leadership Summit starts tomorrow at work and I will be spending the next five days with twenty-seven high school students with varying disabilities, made me think I better go get this looked at tonight.
I did and after an x-ray determined that I had fractured my big toe, I went home.  I have a boot and my big toe is taped to the next one.  Tad's at Walgreen's getting me drugs.  I said no initially but the doctor peer pressured me into taking the prescription.  I guess I'll be having some nice, trippy dreams tonight.  And learning how to delegate tomorrow at work.
Though the highest point of the night, I have to say was this: I pulled into the garage from urgent care and three sweet boys all wearing fairy wings (for some reason) were waiting for me outside and helped me walk into the house.  And for now, I'm watching a movie with those winged boys and eating popcorn.  And wishing I could call in injured to work tomorrow. 
Here are the sleepover boys watching a movie.  There's my foot with my broken toe.

Here's Coen walking me to the house, Caleb holding the door open and Mason was inside getting my prop up chair ready.

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