Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The two stooges

There's the bruising on my toe.  Said toe is elevating as I type. It's really tired from that photo shoot we just did
Tonight, we took the kids up to get ready for bed and they had some sort of strange collision in the hallway.   I limped quickly out of the way to avoid their rambunctiousness and saw the whole thing happen from Coen's bed.  They banged into each other and suddenly Coen grabbed his foot, hopping up and down on the other one, saying "Oh my foot! Oh my foot!"  Meanwhile, Lucy was on the ground spasmodically moving her limbs around yelling "Everything hurts! Everything hurts!"
 I couldn't tell if they were actually injured until they both started laughing and then reenacted the whole scene for their own amusement. 
After Tad said it was time for hugs goodnight, Lucy tackled Coen to the ground in her nightly tackle and when they lay sprawled out on the floor, Coen said "Lucy, what was the funniest thing about that?  Like, I thought the funniest thing was when I was hopping up and down and you were saying 'everything hurts'." 
"Same fing." Lucy said, in her one-syllable, two-word, rather flippant answer.  They reenacted it one more time until Tad escorted our goofball daughter to her room, and I cuddled up with Coen to read, my broken-toed foot propped up on a stool, a little away from the bed to avoid any sudden moves my son might make whilst listening to me read.

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