Monday, June 18, 2012

Trickle Down Parent-omics

Last night, Lucy was tucked in her bed and Coen was having his reading time.  I was downstairs looking over my options for Netflix viewing and I heard their little voices.  I stood at the steps and heard them talking.  It's summer, and I'm not worried about who's in bed when; I heard no arguing; so I just let it go.
Later on, when I brought laundry up to Coen's room to put away, I sat on his bed and said, "I heard you and Lucy talking."
"Yeah", Coen said, "I told her that she could come in my room anytime she wants to call you or Daddy and that she's even free to wake me if I'm sleeping."
"Wow. That's really nice of you."
"She said she was thinking about something she didn't want to think about and I asked her what and she said 'fires' and I told her that she didn't need to worry because we have working smoke detectors. And then I told her she should think about going to the beach tomorrow instead or what she would like for her birthday."
"Coen, you are a really kind and patient big brother."
Coen smiled. "I took her back to her room and tucked her in after that."

After a phone conversation with a friend and making a mix CD, I went back up to tell Coen it was time for light's out and to tuck him in.  I noticed Lucy's door open a crack.
"Did Lucy come in again?" I asked.
"No." Coen said. "She called me again.  So I told her I would check on her every five minutes. I went in once and she was awake, twice and she was awake, three times and she was asleep."

I lay with Coen for a few minutes and scratched his back.  "Mommy?" he said, as I went down the steps, "Will you check on me in five minutes?"

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