Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sometimes you feel like it...sometimes you don't.

 Tad and I are extremely different creatures.  As are Coen and Lucy.  Last night, Tad was doing some work on the computer and I was making some cookies for my youth group this afternoon.  And I realized what I needed.  So I made some tea, and told Tad to finish what he was doing and come talk to me. 
So he closed out his file.  I poured us some tea. And we went into the living room, turned Beck on the ipod and talked for three hours straight. 

In our conversation, we talked about everything, including our children and how different they are.  He said that on the way home from summer program, Coen was cautiously feeling Tad out for whether they could run through the sprinkler before dinner or not. 

Then, Lucy said. "Well, since Mommy set up the sprinkler yesterday.  Daddy, YOU can set up the sprinkler today."  She wasn't asking if they could, she was telling Tad that they were GOING to and that he could set up the sprikler!  Tad likes it when people tell him what to do.  I like it when people have a discussion about what we might do.  But we are learning to do the opposite of what we like for each other.
And Tad said that he thought, 'thank you for giving me a child that is more like me.' Because Coen is just like me, his mom.  Tad said he wanted to pull over the car, get Lucy out of her car seat and hold her up into the air, Lion King style.

Tad and I are that different in other respects too.  Where he needs time alone to recharge and come back to himself, I need time with other people to bounce my energy off and come back to myself.  Introvert-Extrovert. 

Before bed, Tad said, "Thank you for that.  I appreciate that you make us do this once in a while."
"Well." I said. "It's what we both need, but I know that I need...Just like alone time is what we both need but you know you need."
Tad smiled. "Perfectly said." he said.

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