Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Six photos for my 6/6 birthday.

I had a lovely thirty seventh birthday, despite some sadness after the election's wake.

I woke up this morning to Tad cuddling up to me and giving me a kiss.
"How many birthdays is this?" He said into my ear.
"I'm the same age as you now!" I said.
"Good." He said quietly. "It's been hard sleeping with a younger woman. My wife's been feeling self-conscious."

Tad and the kids surprised me with a rain barrel which is something I've been wanting for a long time.   When I got out of the shower, I heard their whispers in the living room as they covered the huge box with couch cushions so I couldn't see what it was.

I picked up breakfast treats on the way in to work--grapes for the heath conscious, gluten free muffins for the gluten free, french bakery for those with refined tastes and doughnuts for the rest of us!

During the day, Tad sent me a video of each of my children sending birthday wishes.  Coen talking and Lucy singing.  He also sent me the above picture of himself at the game last night.

I had lunch with my parents, my sister and my niece at Stack'd.  After we ate outside on the patio, Beth took me shopping at my favorite store-Rethreads.
I got a few lovely new (old) articles of clothing there.

In the afternoon, I walked to Highland to meet my family and Coen and Lucy came running to me, both having made me a card. Lucy's was made with help by her friend Karrington.  There is a picture of Me and Lucy and of Tad and Coen.  It reads:

Happ Burthday mom-you-aer-the-best
mom home you hiv a grate Berth
Frum Lucy

Coen's is a comic of a spaceship flying over erupting volcanoes.  Then there is a black hole and a little person yelling "AAA! A good black hole!"  The spaceship is then seen flying over a mountain with a sign on it: "Alie Mounton"

 We all left school and went to Maharaja for dinner where I joyed in seeing my children eating Indian food.  Lucy liked the cheese pakora and the chicken from the tikka masala.  Coen liked it all, particularly the Papadam.  He said, "This tastes like a taco, with all the ingredients already on it!"

We ran into another Highland family there, the Truths.  I share a birthday with Yvette Truth and she was celebrating her evening at Maharaja as well.

We ended our night at YoMama for frozen yogurt covered in sprinkles and candy and caramel and fruit.

I love my birthday.  I so enjoy surprises, and let's face it, attention.  Today was a lovely day. 

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