Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Working (it) out...OR Exercising (your right)

Yesterday, as I was returning from my three-mile run, and I passed Matt, our favorite neighborhood mechanic, he yelled out to me, "Stop running so much! You'll get too skinny and your husband won't want you anymore!"   I didn't mind his sentiment at all; It made me laugh.  I yelled back "Oh don't worry! He'll keep on wanting me.  I'll just keep on eating ice cream!" And he laughed his big laugh and turned back this customer as I continued running on by.

That run was very helpful in my case of the the "mean reds"  I have had.  Being home with my family helped very much too.  Last night after dinner, Tad and I chatted in the kitchen while the kids played dress up.  After they were all decked out, they shared a "throne" in the living room and proclaimed themselves to be king and queen. "We're grown ups actually." Lucy asserted.  As Coen scooched over to make room for Lucy, he said, "Attention my royal subjects!  I would like to tell you the new rules!"
Tad sat next to me on the couch. "The new rules? We are ready!"
Coen proceeded to explain that the rules were that we do not have guns in our kingdoms.  Only swords. And we only use them if we absolutely need to. "But the good news is, we have a big army." he added.
"And monsters!" said Lucy, "Nice monsters that help us in our battles."
"Yes." Coen said, regally.
"As your royal subject" I said to King Coen, "I will take you to your royal bedchamber and read you a story before you sleep."
Lucy looked at Tad, "You must let me pick out two books and you must sing me a lullaby."
"Absolutely, you majesty." Tad said with a smile.

The children watched me exercises a little when they got up and then ran to the playroom to get back in their king and queen costumes this morning for breakfast.  After we ate, we all went together to vote on the way to school and work.  Lucy put in my ballot and Coen put in Tad's.  We saw lots of neighbors and friends there and it was a very exciting place to be. 

I feel good to be part of my community, both the small one in my house and the larger one around me.

I think Coen is attempting to look smug. But much like his mother, he can't quite pull it off.

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