Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back on the music scene...somewhat

I finally did it. I went to open mic. I haven't sung up on a stage of 2009?  O' Brien's pub had the Milwakee Artists Resource Network open mic night on Tuesday and I went and performed and it was lovely to do so.

I feel a need to do something new with my music. Most of my songs are really slow and mournful.  I guess I've always been moved to write when I've been sad.  But I think its time for me to write some happier, faster songs.  At the open mic, I was way out of my leauge as far as guitar playing goes, but my voice held up.  I guess, in the end, it's my voice that's REALLY my instrument.  I do love to perform.  I think it is undebatably, when I am happiest.  When Coen was three, when we travelled around Europe, I used to sing on the street with my guitar case open.  He loved coming along to that and watching people throw change in my guitar case.

So, though I have not been onstage as much as I want, I have been performing a lot at home.  It was a comment from my wise 8 year old boy, that REALLY got me thinking about changing my music.  Coen's really into play money and his new cash register he got for his birthday.  He likes to play this game where I play my guitar and he and Lucy throw play money into my hat or a bowl they put on the floor.

So we were playing, and I was singing, and Coen threw some money in my hat.  And then he looked at me and said, "Mom. If you sang some jazzier songs, you'd get a lot more money in your guitar case."

I bet he's right.

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