Sunday, September 4, 2011

The three doctors.

We had a long day today.  Brunch at Tad's parents at 10:00 a.m. and a party at his cousin's house starting at 1:00 p.m.  We got home around 7:00 and Tad brought the kids upstairs to change into jammies while I unloaded the car.  I think both of us were anxious to get them off to bed, but the kids were so happy to be home, they launched immediately into imaginative play the second they got upstairs. When I arrived on the scene, a full swing 'doctor' game was in play.

Lucy was the patient apparently and Coen gave her his prized bicentennial quarter to use as payment.  Lucy instructed us that all three of us were her doctors.  Without hesitation, Tad said, "I'm Doctor Fruit!" "I'm Doctor Frack!" I said.  Coen jumped off the rocking chair. "I'm Doctor Frank!"  "Doctor Fruit, Doctor Frack and Doctor Frank, at your service." Tad said, "What seems to be your problem?"  Lucy sat on the floor. "I have a bee sting, a spider bite and a lobster bite!" she said, showing us all the ailments.  We each fixed one and she gave us our quarter as payment.

Then Coen instructed Lucy to lie down on her bed. "Pretend that she's on the cart and I'm pushing her into the emergency room!!" Coen shouted.  "Doctors! I'm bringing a patient in! It's medical!"  Tad looked at me, and in his best TV voice, said, "Doctor Fruit, Doctor Frank and Doctor Frack: This time, it's medical."

Coen inspected our patient and told us, "She has two broken legs, two broken arms and two broken heads!" Lucy started kicking her legs.  Coen jumped up, grabbing his quarter. "And she's sitting on a bicentennial!"

Well, there you go.  Tad and I wanted to end the night, but we let the kids play and it was hilarious.  Lucy started taking off her pants while telling us that she wanted to be a doctor too.  Tad asked her what her name was and she said "Dr. Pantsy-pants!"

So, Dr. Pantsy-pants is tucked into bed.  Dr. Frank is reading. And Dr. Fruit and Dr. Frack are now going to enjoy some dessert and watch a movie.

Good night.  And try not to get bit by any lobsters, bees or spiders!

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