Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm meditating! Ohmmmmmmzzzzzzzzzz

I am trying to become a calmer, more centered, more present in the moment type of a person. As a part of that effort, I've been listening to these 15 minute meditation segments of a CD. 

 This is the cover:

See the way "Adult relaxation" is stamped on there?  It really kind of makes me think of other "adult" media..which makes me laugh every time it comes on my ipod screen.

Anyway, so one of them is on breathing.  And you have to focus on your breathing. The guy who narrates the whole thing breathes the way you are supposed to breathe so you can hear him.  And so I when I do that one, I try so hard to focus and breathe properly, but his breathing is so loud and dramatic that I can't focus on anything but the way that he's breathing.  It is very distracting. And therefore hard to focus on my breathing. Especially when I'm laughing.  Then I really can't breathe right.

Most of them, though, are really good.  There's visualization.  There's affirmations. We've already had that discussion. If you didn't, you can read it here:  Delusions...I mean, affirmations
There's also relaxation...  It's lovely. I am not kidding, I can FEEL a difference in my patience, the way I deal with my kids, in my intensity level during the day because of this practice.  Here's the problem though.

The problem is, I keep putting it off until bedtime. So I go to bed 15 minutes before Tad, with my headphones plugged into my ipod and listen to Adult Relaxation.   A lot of the time, I am sleeping before the one I'm listening to is over. And I'm jarred awake when my narrator begins introducing the next segment. 

I guess I better find a better time of day.

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