Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school

Today was Lucy's first ever day of school!  Coen had his first day of second grade and I was a rotten mother and didn't photograph it! So I photographed today, all around. 
Lucy was very nervous about starting.  She's been nervous about it for weeks.  This morning, when we were driving to school, Coen said to her, "Lucy, I will be there and Daddy will be there so you'll be fine. I told all my friends that I might not be able to play with them this week, because I might be playing with my little sister at recess this week."

Yesterday, when I was talking to my mom about Lucy's first day, she said, "Don't forget to call me after you drop her off and tell me how it went!  But don't call me until after your done crying." 
"I'm not going to cry." I said.

When I said goodbye to Lucy she cried.  And cried. Her teacher took her hand and I walked away telling her I love her and I would get her at lunchtime.  Then I got in the car. And I cried.
And I called my mom.

But she was a brave girl and when I called at around 10:00 to see how she was, she was playing happily in her classroom.  We went back to pick up Coen in the afternoon.  I am so excited to have two Highland Community School kids.  And so proud of my son for being such a wonderful big brother. And proud of my daughter for being so brave.

Tonight, at bedtime, Lucy was exhausted.  She was crying about something, standing next to her bookshelf and I asked her to pick out her books and get into bed.  She screamed at me, "I'm not moving. I'm not going anywhere ever again! Not even Baba and Papa's.  I'm just going to stand here forever until I grow up!"

I told her I knew a story about some people who stood in one spot forever and never moved. She stopped her rant, wiped her eyes. "Huh." She said.  "Do you want to hear it?" I asked?  She nodded.  I went into Coen's room to grab the Dr. Seuss book in which the Zax is.  The north going zax and the south going zax stopped in their tracks. Neither will take a step to the east nor a step to the west. 

When I returned to her room, she was all nestled in bed waiting for me.  I had to laugh.  And then read her The Zax.

Of course the world didn't stand still.  The world grew.
In a couple of years, the new highway came through
And they built it right over those two stubborn Zax
And left them there, standing un-budged in their tracks.

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