Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Plog bost

A couple years ago, Tad and I realized that our dinners were to hurried and harried with little to no recognition that we were sitting down together as a family or even that we were eating.  I remember us making eye contact as Coen took a bite of something and then ran between the living room and our room, and Lucy spilled her milk and ran for a towel and Coen tried to help her and she screamed.   Then they both sat for another two seconds, two bites of food and were up again looking for a stuffed animal.  We sat down and talked that night and and decided those folks who pray before meals have something there.
Tad and I are not pray-ers really but we decided on a ritual that would slow us all down a bit. Every night we'd each say something that we appreciated about our day and take a moment to say to the universe, "Thank you for our food."

Well, this has evolved into a practice of Tad or Coen singing (to the tune of 'the best part of waking up is folgers in your cup') "the best part of _______'s day..." and then the person fills in the blanks. At the end, we all stand up on our chairs and say loudly "Thank you for our food...and our _______(whatever we were thankful for).  It's good fun.

Anyway, tonight I was trying to sing the part and ended up singing "The parts part of Tad's day..." and then Tad  made fun of me for screwing up the words.  Now, don't you worry..I deserve it.  When people screw up words, I think it is one of the funniest things in the world and I'm the first to poke fun. Relentlessly. Here are some of my favorite word screw ups I've heard and not forgotten.

"Well, I've eaten all the pomegranates I can eaten."  (said by my sister, Beth)

"Now we don't have to bo gack home!" (my friend Brenda in the Peace Corps)

(A conversation between my friend Stephanie and I)
Steph: This is a great candy shop--you can try the fudge!
Alie: Really?
Steph: Yeah, they'll give you a nipple!

Once when I was working at a deli, I was talking about sandwich specials--among them, rotisserie chicken.
Me: And we also have rotickerie chickie

I'm sure there are millions more if I searched my memory banks. But that's what I got for now!

 Nood Ghight!

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