Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Capitalism...you want it you got it!

In my house we complain about Capitalism.  Tad even wrote a song about it.
I wish this blog could sing it to you.
It goes: Capitalism, you want it you got it!  Capitalism, you want it just buy it! Capitalism, just go on the internet. Capitalism, you already bought it!
(I will sing this to you upon request if you see me in person.)

Anyway, there is one time when I love Capitalism. And that is when I buy a product that is not as quality as it should be, I call and complain, and they send me coupons for several of that product.  Free stuff. I love it!!!

Me with the bag of caramel corn that had a strange chunk of what appeared to be caramelized hair.

Me after calling the company and getting three free coupons for more popcorn.

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