Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time management

I've been at a three-day training this week. Well, so far a two-day training but tomorrow's day three so all told, it's a three-day training.
Anyway, today they gave us the option of starting late tomorrow since we're way ahead of schedule and then paused for people's opinions.
Being the kind of person I am which is the kind of person who really likes it when things end early and when things run late really thinks she might run screaming from the building like it is on fire, I piped in.
"Well, I always say, the earlier we end the better."
Our trainers said, "So we start on time then?"
And then I noticed cringes on a few of my fellow trainees faces.  "Oh!" I said, "It's not just me! You don't have to listen to me!"
And one of the trainees said, "Well, I just really like to sleep in..."
And our trainer said "Well even if we start a half hour late, we can still end around 12:30"
"Oh!" I said, "Well, that's fine with me.  Ending early at all is a thrill to me. If we're outta here by one well..." then I trailed off sort of and our trainer said, "Well, of course if we're having really good conversation I don't want to cut it short."
"Oh my God!" I said, hand over my face.  "I'll stop talking!"
Then someone laughed and said, "Well, Alie just wants to get the heck out of here!" And everyone laughed.
At this point I felt a bit bad for sounding that way, and so I said, "No no! I don't want to get out of here. I will gladly stay if we're having good conversation! I'll just be happy if I can pick my kids up from school at 3:30."
But the truth is, if it goes beyond 1:00 I'll likely be pulling my nails out by the cuticles and trying not to writhe in my seat.  I like a good early ending. Especially on a Friday.
And it's not just because its a work training.  I am like this at sporting events, plays and concerts too. I'm always thinking "When's this gonna end so I can go home and think about it?!"
Is this blog post over yet? Sheesh!

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