Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inside my head

Sometimes things make me laugh that haven't even happened.  Which is really weird but makes it rather entertaining to be me.

For example:

I was just walking with my lunch from the kitchen to my desk at work.  I nearly dropped my baggie of crackers on the floor.  I bobbled them but caught them before they fell.  They are very fragile crackers, and if I had dropped them, I might have then stepped on them and they would have been crushed to bits! So in my head, I did drop them and step on them and then I yelled "Dastardly!" And then I imagined laughing because 'dastardly' would be a funny thing to say and my coworkers would likely have heard and either laughed or asked me what happened. Then I would have to explain about having crushed my very fragile crackers.  This vision in my head made me laugh out loud and then two more things went off in my mind like fireworks made in two chambers to explode and then explode again.  I thought of how funny it would be to try and explain to my coworkers why I was laughing (which I often have to do, happily) and then I thought of the phrase 'very fragile cracker' which could describe a group of very sensitive white people. And this made me laugh more and then I stood up and saw that my cubicle mate, Tiffany, was not there to hear me and ask why I was laughing. 

A similar firework of laughter occurred when I was at IKEA.  I was in the cafe, thinking about what to eat and deciding on Swedish meatballs.  First of all, I asked the guy at the counter if instead of the 16 meatballs that the menu advertised as the lunch, could I just have 8.  "I can't eat sixteen meatballs" I said to him, "No way! But I could eat eight. I just don't want to waste them."
He barely looked up at me. "No." he said gruffly. "You cannot have eight.  Only ten." And then he gave me twelve!
And guess what! I only ate eight.  This made me laugh but it wasn't inside my head, but rather outside my head in the world.  At any rate, because of the Swedish meatballs, what did happen inside my head was this:
I thought about how we do these cultural potluck dinners with some friends of ours.  Half are vegetarians and we always bring vegetarian dishes from other countries. And I thought about how if we did Sweden, I could try and find some vegetarian take on Swedish meatballs.  But what to call them?  This is what caused me to laugh at what was inside my head.  I thought, Swedish tofuballs? Meatless Swedishballs?
And then I was overcome with a fit of giggles by myself in the bathroom about Meatless Swedish Balls.  I am laughing out loud right now. 
And Tiffany is back at her desk so I have to go explain to her why I'm laughing.  Even though she didn't ask.  She'll wanna know.


  1. I keep thinking of you with meatballs in your head. (Of course I have meatballs in my head cuz I'm sending this through "anonymous" cuz I don't know how to do it any other way. -- Mom

  2. It is nice to know I am not alone in this. I never know quite how to explain myself in those situations. I have found that when I wear headphones no one even asks for an explanation. They just look at me and shake my head. :)