Monday, March 12, 2012

It's all about the Lunchables

Saturday night, Tad and I talked about what we should do with our Sunday. All I knew is that I had two Lunchables in the fridge, a big treat for Coen and Lucy and I wanted to plan a day that would make those Lunchables necessary.  "So, you wanna plan our day around Lunchables?" Tad asked me, smirk on his face, gesturing towards the refrigerator.  "Yeah!" I said, indignantly.  So we did.

We went to Seven Bridges trail in Grant Park and walked down to the lake. We dug in the sand and threw rocks in Lake Michigan.  Coen balanced on a log and Lucy and I followed Tad down a risky, muddy, cliffy path.   We took a more reasonable path back to the car and took it to the playground for lunch.   It was a gorgeous day. Coen and Lucy happily ate their Lunchables on a park bench. And Tad and I got lots of lovely photos.

Happy family at the beach in February


Lucy throwing leaves and screaming "It's FALL!!!"

Coen with an incredible jump off the swing

Peace, everyone. Thanks for reading.

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