Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Political Breakfast

This morning we all sat down to breakfast.  When everyone was seated and eating, we had this conversation:

Me: Guess who came to my work yesterday.
All: Who?
Me: Scott Walker.
Tad: What! Why didn't you tell me last night!
Me: I forgot
Coen: Scott Walker was at your work? What does he look like, I forgot!
Me: I have a picture.
I show them a photo on my camera.
Lucy: Mommy, was he mean to you?
Me: No! Of course not.
Coen: Lucy. Scott Walker's not a mean person.  He's probably nice and even polite.  We just  don't like his decisions.
I explain to them that he was at my work because he was signing several bills, including one lifting the cap on enrollment for Family Care-a long term care program for people with disabilities and older adults. This bill was passed to get rid of caps that Walker himself placed on Family Care not too long ago.
Lucy: Does Scott Walker have a Mommy and Daddy?
Coen: Of course he does!
Lucy: Well do they like his decisions?
Me: I don't know Lucy.
Lucy: What do his Mommy and Daddy look like?
Coen: No one knows.
I'm not sure how he has come to the conclusion that Scott Walker's parents are shrouded in such mystery but it's an interesting concept.

At any rate it made for very good breakfast conversation.

For more information on these bills:

Check out Disability Rights Wisconsin's Facebook Page
This article in JS Online

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