Thursday, March 22, 2012


Tad and I went to IKEA together first when we first moved in together.  As we left the building, Tad said, "I will never set foot in that place AGAIN."
And he hasn't.
But I have.
I went after we bought our house, and then again just recently. I went with a friend and we had a nice time and were in and out in just over three and a half hours.  Including eating a meal there.  Impressive.

I purchased beds for both my children, and a dresser for Lucy. And all the other stuff that called out to me. So much other stuff that at the end of the excursion, I had three carts.  Full.

And then I came home with my wares and proceeded to put the two new beds together. It had to be done! Immediately! Plus I couldn't just leave those indescribably heavy and big boxes just sitting around. Could I? It was too exciting.  And also extremely frustrating.  What is the deal with those wordless instructions?  I had to examine long planks of wood endlessly until I could figure out just which plank of wood was depicted in the step I was at in the instructions.  And position myself over piles of wood pieces trying to place them in the same position as the pictures showed so I could figure out which was top left and which was bottom right.  I lost screws and dropped pieces and sweat profusely in my kids' attic bedrooms. 

But my children have new beds, granted they were up way past bedtime because their beds weren't quite ready for them to sleep in at bedtime.  But they are done.  And they do look lovely.

I have compiled for you, this visual description of mine and Tad's very different feelings about IKEA.


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