Friday, March 30, 2012

The lights on the city look so good....

This morning, I went for a run in the rain, after a week loaded with emotions, good and bad, loaded with overwhelming sadness about Harald and pride for my son in his school play and love for the community that we get to belong to... after a week with a lot of hard work, making and delivering a meal to a family who has been hit with a loss, and a migraine, and talks with Tad and on and on...

And it's Friday. And two of my close friends are coming into town to see my baby boy in his play, and I have my last day of work, and I am so goad for that.  And I went for a run in the rain and the Jayhawks came on my ipod shuffle...  They were singing a lovely song by Victoria Williams. These are the lyrics

What kind of song would you give if you had a song to give
What kind of life would you live if you had a life to live?
Wouldn't you want to make something good?
That you could look on?
Give you lots of pleasure, yeah you would.
What about this thing you gave...what if it weren't quite perfect?
What if there was something bad about it?
Would you love it just the same?
Would you still care about it?
The lights on the city look so good, almost like somebody thought they would.

I leave you with this, dear readers and happy weekend to you. Below is the youtube link to the Jayhawks singing this number with its writer-Victoria Williams.

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