Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happiness is a new magazine

Tad and I both chose a magazine from which to get a subscription.  I already subscribe to BUST and Tad subscribes to The Believer.  I highly recommend both.

For our new magazines, Tad subscribed to the Atlantic Monthly.  I subscribed to Psychology Today!

The Atlantic Monthly arrived today.

Lucy was looking at it and said, "Mommy? What does T H E H E R O spell?" 
I thought.  Thehero?  What word is that.  Then I said, "Oh! The Hero."
Then Lucy said.  "Whaa?  That guy doesn't look like a hero!"
Then she looked back down at the cover and she said, "Mommy! Why is that guy wearing a cone?!"

I went over to look at it.
It was a picture of Dan Bernanke, the economist.  He was wearing a suit. Which I suppose does look like a cone.  When you really look at it.
I thought it was pretty funny.

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