Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I now pronounce you...totally weird kids.

Coen and Lucy were in the playroom the other night dressing up with costumes in their costume box.  They began as a prince and a princess.  I was in the kitchen cooking and Tad was keeping me company. Lucy kept running in over and over asking things like: "Do princesses have wings?" "Do princesses carry a shield?" "Do princesses have swords?"  (We said yes to all of it.  Princesses do what they want, right?)
Then Lucy changed into a bride costume and Coen and Lucy said they were going to have a royal wedding.  "You can come, Mommy and Daddy!" Lucy shouted (by way of a royal invite). 

Coen put on his  wedding garb which consisted of a cape, a hiking vest, a shield and a broom.  He acted out displays of courage and feats of strength for us, knocking over Lego structures and little plastic dinosaurs.    Lucy donned a wedding dress.   After much ado about how tight the sleeves were and yanking down the lace bodice while staving off a temper tantrum (in true bride...or four-year-old style) she was finally dressed   She put the veil on backwards and ignored all Coen's protests that she had it on wrong, finishing off her outfit with a purple beaded necklace. 
By the time they were ready to be wed, dinner was done so I clanged a fork into a glass three times and announced in a very regal voice, "It's time for the wedding feast!"                           Both kids looked at each other excitedly and Coen said, "Let's eat BEFORE we get married!"  And so we did.    The children enjoyed their dinner. Here's a photo of the bride, stuffing her royal face. 
After dinner, Coen rushed away from the table, saying this:
"Lucy! I will marry you when I'm done going poop. See you at the wedding!!"
Lucy followed him into the bathroom, leaving Tad and I at the table, looking at each other with great amusement. 
The wedding followed.  Tad did the proceedings, Coen waved his broom around, and Lucy continued to eat while standing at the "altar". As Tad officially announced them "Princess and Prince" Coen said, "Lucy, clean that ketchup off your mouth before I kiss you!" 

It was the best wedding I've ever been to.

The royal duo celebrated their nuptials by taking baths and having bed time stories read to them.

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