Monday, September 24, 2012

Converse Heist

For my birthday in June, my sister bought me, as requested, a pair of red Chuck Taylors. 

Then I broke my toe and didn't wear shoes all summer.

When I finally put them on, I realized they did not fit.  They were a size 7 1/2 which is my pre-pregnancy size (How one's feet can grow simply by having a child in one's uterus is beyond me, but I digress).  So when my sister and I went to the  Amazon website to see if we could exchange them, we found that too much time had passed and it was too late. 

So I had to plan a Converse Heist. 

9:00 am Friday morning I went to Footlocker.  I purchased a pair of size 8 red Chucks.  Then I went back to my car.  I tossed the new shoes on the floor and put the Amazon-bought too-small shoes and put them in the box from Footlocker. 

9:21 am I headed east.  And got a haircut.

(Now you might be wondering what the haircut had to do with the heist and I will tell you, it had nothing to do with the heist.  I needed a haircut.  Well, that's partly true.  I needed a haircut and I thought if I went directly to the other Footlocker store to which I was heading, they would see from the receipt, that I had just visited another footlocker only minutes before.  It might look suspicious.  The haircut gave me some buffer time.)

10:40 am I went to the next Footlocker. I presented my too-small red Chucks in the box in which the fitting red Chucks came.  I told the clerk that I wanted to exchange them for another pair, but in black.  She got me said shoes from the back and then returned to the register.  I stared at the counterfeit money detector and shuffled my feet nervously. What if it could detect my heist?!
"Yeah, my sister got me these.  But I wanted black." I said, acting super casual.
"Hmmhmm." She was either not interested or somehow on to me.
She asked for my ID
Then gave it back.  Smiled. "You're all set." She said and gave me the new shoes.


11:00 am Heist completed.  

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