Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pain in the neck!

I went for my run this morning at 5:45 a.m., my ipod started out playing Jane Siberry and then Sea Change era Beck which was not good for speed really, and perhaps I was moving slower than usual due to the music....  I was halfway into my run, and just passing a bush when I felt a terrible stabbing pain in my neck!

I screamed "OW!!" and stopped running, feeling for a bug or a needle of some sort when something fell down my shirt and I felt another stabbing pain.  "Hey!" I yelled indignantly, then, "Is it gone?!!" to no one in particular whilst looking around wildly.   

I stuck my hand down my shirt and grabbed something out, throwing it into the grass. Then I wished I hadn't so I could see what it was that had stung me.  But I decided to move on.  I felt irked that a bee could sting me while I was in motion. Surely I wasn't going that slow!  So I pictured the insect pictured at the side, full force ahead, determined to do damage, at any cost.

Finally I started running again, rubbing my neck, feeling wounded and coming to the conclusion that it must have been a yellow jacket as those can sting twice.  And I had definitely been stung. Twice. 

By the time I got home my neck and chest were bright red with telltale sting marks. After a quick shower, I made a paste of baking soda and water and spread it over my stings.  Coen and Lucy were very excited to hear the tale and I regaled them with it over breakfast.

On the way to work, dried baking soda flaking off onto my black shirt, my neck still throbbing, I popped in a CD and listened to the Clash at an unreasonably high volume for 7:00 a.m., trying to make myself feel tough. 

What a way to start the day!  It can only get better from here!

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