Sunday, September 23, 2012

In all seriousness...

I was recently invited to be part of a national roundtable discussion on a campaign to end sexual abuse of children with disabilities.  This roundtable is being put on by the VERA Institute of Justice and Ms. Foundation.   I was recommended by a former coworker and then given a phone interview to see if I would be a good candidate for this event. 
They invited me last week and all my expenses-hotel, flight, travel expenses...will be paid for by Ms. Foundation. 


I feel so honored and excited to do this.  It is a subject that I feel passionate about and as many of you know, a main part of my job is running abuse prevention programs for youth and children with disabilities through classes and workshops.  And being part of a national conversation... I'm just so excited to be at the  table.

The problem, however is this.  I'm going to have to be serious for three days.  THREE DAYS of seriousness. I am not good at being serious.

Already, I can't stop thinking about how funny it would be to barge into that room and demand that our table better actually be round!  Sometimes when I am in a place where one is expected to have a serious demeanor, I get even sillier.  One time I was at a party with government dignitaries in Estonia, hobnobbing and after an hour of being serious, I found myself in between two very tall, very serious political figures with a melting chocolate cookie smashed between my fingers, looking up at them, and saying "I like cookies." And then walking away before I burst into hysterical giggling in front of them. 

I know it'll be fine.  I can be serious.  I just prefer to be silly.

I guess it won't hurt if I bring a little humor to the table.  However round it might be. (The table, that is.)

I gotta be me, right?

Me being silly in 2012
Me being silly in 1976

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