Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School( or...things are not always how they look)

Happy First Day of School EVERYONE!!!  I took the above photo of my children after a relatively anxiety filled night before, and rushing them to the car when I realized how long I had let Coen throw baseballs against the house and thought we might actually be late.  However. This photo shows two happy-looking, stress-free kids.  Funny how pictures can do that.
Now, having said that, my kids went off to their classrooms with true excitement and cheerfulness.  And it was Tad's first day back too.  I am anxious to hear how it went for everyone.
But taking this picture, made me think about all the photos we take that don't exactly reflect what was happening before them.  Especially with children.  The stress of getting them all to smile, to look the same direction, stop arguing with each other already and just let me take the %&*# picture!...  It's funny.  So below, enjoy a few photos that look more idyllic than they really were.  I love how memories through pictures can paint a sunny picture.  After all, life is, they say, more about how you see things than what actually happens to you...
Our annual New Year's Eve photo shoot.  Oh how crabby and forced this felt.  But look at us, hamming it up anyway.

This photo was taken whilst arguing with Coen that it really REALLY was time go get his shoes on and GO!

Ahh, here's one that really does reflect the true situation.

Happy first day back everyone!!!!

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