Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Major problems in footwear town.

Seriously. If I have to have one more argument about tights, socks or other footwear related items I am going to move to a planet where no one has any feet.

It is getting cooler out.  So no more sockless sandal wearing for Lucy.  I'm telling you, I did not know how good I had it. Sockless sandal wearing is heaven, I now realize.

Lucy is now having a daily debate about leggings, socks or tights.  Most of her tights she doesn't like for some reason or another--too orangy, not stripey enough, these ones itch! Whatever.

So she has a couple pairs which she loves and they are torn to pieces in the crotch area but she's wearing them anyway. I took her shopping at Target for new tights for the fall season and she said she wanted Halloween ones.  I found a whole rack of Halloween-related footwear and showed her.  I pointed to a pink and black striped pair.
"Those are NOT Halloween tights." Lucy said caustically.
"Well..." I tried.."Look. They have a Halloween label. And some of the stripes are black."
"No." She asserted. "They are NOT Halloween. Pink is NOT Halloween."
So I found a pair of purple ones with black cats on them.
"Look at these, Lucy!" I exclaimed with all the enthusiasm I could muster.
"Those are NOT Halloween either." she said, "Those are cats."
*sigh*  I knew there was no explaining that actually cats are a Halloweenish symbol so I put them back. 
Then I found some with spider webs.  "Look! Halloween ones!"
Lucy took them.  Felt them. Put then back. "These will be too see-through-ish"

I snuck the pink and black ones in the cart and she has worn those a few times to her credit.  But just for fun, she took some scissors to them and cut holes in the right thigh.  Awesome. Now even her new tights have holes.

Then on Sunday, adding injury to insult, she sliced her pinkie toe on the laundry basket somehow whilst trying to throw a yellow balloon up in the air and catch it with said laundry basket. 
Trying to get ointment, a band aid, socks and then footwear on her on Sunday morning was literally an hour-long process filled with tears, arguments and throwing oneself on the floor.  I won't go into who did what.  Actually, I was quite proud of my saint-like patience in that situation and I did get her into footwear and on her merry way eventually.

Yesterday after much debate over which tights to wear with her dress and a meltdown about how uncomfortable the tights were and a last-minute change AT THE MOMENT it was time to go to school into different tights and the choice to wear shoes she'd never worn before, she made it off to school.  And came home with blisters.

So now she not only has an injured pinkie toe (which has now caused a nightly battle over the application of neosporin on top of the what-to-wear circus) AND blisters on both her ankles.
She came down the steps this morning in a shirt and underwear, tights in one hand, skirt in the other crying and claiming that she was "NEVER putting anyfing on her feet again!"

Holy. Balls.

She is currently at school in tights, shirt, skirt and back in her comfy keens.  I, for one, could not be less excited about whatever is coming later on this evening as we pick out her clothes for tomorrow and decide what is going to be on the bottom half of her body.

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