Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Watching shadows on the wall...

Sometimes in the morning, the sun shines just right on the wall behind the breakfast table and we can do shadow puppets.

Shadow puppets make my children giggle endlessly and that is a lovely sound in the early morning hours.  Especially because the sound we usually hear in the early morning hours is the sound of Tad and I telling the kids to eat their breakfast, and then to get their shoes on already so we can go.  Then the sound of the kids going "Not YET!!!"  So yeah, laughter is really nice.

Below are some photos of this morning's shadow puppet.  He is made out of my hand and a bagel.
Coen, come closer so I can tickle under your chin!

Oh no! Don't even think about it! You can't get me! I'm only a shadow!

Or can you get me? I'm a little scared. I must take some time to think...

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