Monday, September 3, 2012

A feminist rant (just being honest)

Whilst some people are making things specifically for females with the right idea in mind, others are making things specifically for females with the wrong idea in mind. 

An example of the former, is the 2011 creation of the female crash test dummy.  Since the crash test dummy's widespread use in the 60s, they have always taken the male form.  The manufacturers have asserted that in truth, they are indeed taking the form of 90% of the driving population.  What?!!!
So finally, cars can smash into a wall testing how the air bags might protect the other half of the population, whose form, skeletal and muscular structure, and height are usually quite different than the male.
Great idea! 

 The latter new idea is the new Lego sets for girls.  These are horribly stereotyped, sets with fewer pieces to construct, not to mention easier to construct.  Because, you know, females are very simple creatures.  We are the fairer sex, you know and can't be put at risk for fainting dead away over the exertion of putting together a complicated Lego set. I told the guy at the Lego store at Mayfair my feelings about these new toys and his response was, "Well, they're really quite popular."  Phffftt.

Finally, I would like to direct your attention to something hilariously incorrect that my sister in law shared with me (thanks Lara), Bic pens for her!  Because, you know, we need our own pens, in pink, so we know they are ours.

Check out this link for Bic Pens for Her. 
And then scroll down and read all the customer comments.  They are great.  

As a woman who uses pens (of all colors), drives a car and is the one person in the house who actually CAN put a Lego set together from start to finish, who knows how to change a tire, mow the lawn, and occasionally does wear nail polish, I am affected by all these newfangled inventions.  And so are my female friends. Not to mention my daughter.

I called this a feminist rant but really its a humanist rant.  I believe, after all, a feminist is really, in the end, a humanist.  

Don't we all-male and female-want to be safe from car crashes, play with toys and write things down?  I think we do.

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